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The town of Davidson has done a wonderful job of preserving hundreds of acres of open space with trails and park benches. However, we have not focused on providing enough active space, especially for our teenagers and families. It’s time to turn some of our attention to providing basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, and other active spaces, as well as finishing several critical greenway connections.

Fisher Farm and Abersham are wonderful assets, but we need to balance them out with more active space amenities to better serve our community. Furthermore, we have 14 miles of greenways with several key connections missing. For example, the residents of Summer’s Walk have been waiting for over seven years for their promised greenway connection into town.

2008 Cowbell bicycle race

I propose the following:

  • Advocate with county and state officials for funding for active space amenities in their future budgets.
  • Prioritize funding for key greenway connections in our town's budget.
  • Partner with non-profit sports organizations in the region to pool funding and grant opportunities for tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields and other spaces geared toward older children (the few “tot lots” around town do not begin to address our needs).
  • Create safe, engaging spaces for our youth to participate in non-sport related, fun activities.
  • Work to establish a town park with active space on the majority of the Beaty Street property.
  • Longer Term: Consider providing transportation service to the North Mecklenburg Recreational Center when it opens so it would be more easily accessible.

It's time for a new approach

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