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From 7-9 am and 3:30-6:30 pm even the most patient people can become exasperated with our traffic – it can take 20 minutes to travel two miles! And rush hour is not the only problem. Like it or not, Davidson has become a “cut-through” town for trucks and commuters making their way from Concord to Mooresville and vice versa. This increasing load is only going to get worse as development along Highway 73 and in Mooresville continues. Improving traffic flow needs to be a priority.

While we can encourage certain citizen behaviors (i.e. walking, biking, bus transit, etc.) by building multimodal paths, sidewalks, and greenways, it is time to accept the behavior currently exhibited – most of our citizens drive a majority of the time to get from point A to point B. We, therefore, must plan accordingly to accommodate the ever-increasing amount of vehicles traveling throughout Davidson. We need to find real solutions to our traffic issues.


I propose the following:

  • Add a left-hand turn lane from North Main Street to Concord Road to improve congestion - especially during morning and evening rush hours.
  • Work with NCDOT to move up the time-table for the Potts/Sloan/Beaty connector to be completed.
  • Ask NCDOT to create an “alternate truck route” to redirect trucks around town and off of Main Street.
  • Longer-term: Explore providing a local transportation/trolley service with three separate routes servicing East, Central and West Davidson to reduce the volume of cars traveling throughout town.

It's time to provide real solutions

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